How Do You Get More Leads and Prospects Online?

Get More Leads Online

To get leads online, you need three things to happen. You need to get seen, get clicked, and get contacted. Let’s take a look at how we can help make each of these things happen for you. Watch the video. Then get the course, or get in touch.

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Talk to People. Make more sales.

Everyone’s looking for someone who knows their stuff, and will take care of them. That’s you. But how do people get to know it? Make sure they can find you. Then, talk to and offer advice … and they’ll turn to you when read for paid help.

Get Found Online

Maps Listing and Paid Ads get you seen by customers.

Get Connected

Landing Pages with the right message get more leads.

Build Trust

Automated marketing teaches & helps people.

Close Sales

People who trust you turn to you when ready to buy.

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Helping Potential Customers to Build Trust. It's a journey.

Whether products, services, companies or  sole traders … all buyers are looking for someone who knows their stuff. And all sellers want to say “that’s me”. But how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you get found, grab attention, and get recognised? Not by saying you’re great, but by showing them what you know, and how you’ll help them.

Get Found. Get Connected.

First they've got to find your. Google Business listing. Google Ads. Website. Once they've found you, don't assume they'll be back. Get their email.

Tell Your Story. Help and Teach.

You've got their mail. Now start helping them with (an automated sequence of) emails that helps them consider the products and services in your market.

Build trust.

Get them asking questions. Then give them the answers. Don't tell them you know your stuff - show them! And they'll turn to you when they need help.


Google Page #1 Businesses Are Doing Something Different

Have you ever noticed what the Google Page #1 businesses are doing differently? You guessed it! They ask their customers for reviews. This helps them rank higher, get more leads, and convert new leads into customers.

As your number of good reviews grows, your online visibility will improve. Good reviews help you rank higher in Google, and convince new customers to get in touch. Getting reviews used to be hard. But now Business Websites Australia makes it easy. 

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