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What we do

More Leads, More Sales. How do we help you to achieve these vital goals? We look for ways to improve. And we do it.

Are people finding your site? Are they reading it? Is it building trust, getting leads and closing sales? You want more business, not just more clicks!

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We look at what your site is doing, and what it can do better. You need to get traffic AND leads!

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Fast, beautiful website. Helpful content. Calls-to-action.

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We present you with a plan to achieve your outcome as fast and cheap as possible.

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How much traffic? How many leads? Let's do better and better!

The message

Make your site work

Hi! I’m Tamhas. I spent many years trying to get the most out of websites. And I can tell you simply, what you need, is leads. That’s what helps you to make money, and that’s why you’re paying somebody to build you a website. It doesn’t matter how fancy it looks, or what feature list it has. If its getting you plenty of leads it’s a good website. And if it’s not, then you need to fix it. How is your website? Is it doing it’s job? Is your website getting found online? Are people reading it? Does your site help them? Does it build trust? Does it sell your product or service? We’d love to hear your answers, and tell you how we can help. Call when ready. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our Core Skillsets

How we do our job

Local SEO 95%
Marketing 90%
Content Writing 80%
Video Production 70%
Graphic Design 60%
Putting it all together 99%

It’s just troubleshooting, really. Are people finding your site? How many people are coming to it? Don’t know? Okay, let’s install Google Analytics. What keywords are people finding you for. Don’t know? Ok let’s do an analysis of the keywords in your niche. Which of these does your site rank for? None? OK you need content that search engines will find. Don’t know how to make it? We can teach you. But first, let’s go for a quicker win. Are you ranking on Google Page #1 for your best keyword, in the Google Maps box? No? We can help with this.  OK now people are finding you. Is your content helpful? Does it build trust? Do you have calls-to-action? We go for the easiest wins first. And we take it from there. Want to get started? Call us. We’ll take a look at your site 😁 👍

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What do you want to achieve? Talk to us. We can give you some quick advice, and tell you what we can do to help. No obligation, no pushy selling. Talk to us today 😁👍