Systems Working? Vital Site Checks

No system is perfect. Things can and do go wrong. You can fix breaks and mistakes of course, and everything will be fine again. But to fix problems, you must first know they exist. That’s why it’s important to have checklists in place to make sure everything is working as it should be. Ship’s captains have them. Pilots …

Help Local Customers Find Your Business

When local customers search Google looking for what they need, among the very first results that Google returns are the ones with the little map place markers (A, B, C) next to them. Those results are separate to the main generic search results, and independent of the search results for the Website of any of those …

Automate Your Reviews to Boost Your Online Presence

Yes! I want to gather online reviews quickly and easily, to grow my business’ online visibility and reputation. Please get in touch to help me get started.

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