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Talk to More People. Make more sales.

Customers around Beechworth are looking for businesses who know their stuff, and will take care of them. That’s you. But how do people get to know it? We make it easy for them to find you online. And we make it easy for you to share helpful info with them automatically, then respond to their enquires faster and easier, to win their business.

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Get Found Online

Maps Listing and Paid Ads get you seen by customers.

Get Connected

Connect with customers via our unified comms platform.

Build Trust

Automated marketing teaches & helps people.

Close Sales

People you have helped turn to you when ready to buy.

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Our Clients Say…

I would highly recommend Tamhas! He designed a website for us, did a logo and created google pages. We are a local family business in Callala Bay and Tamhas increase... read more

Anthony Dahdah Avatar
Anthony Dahdah

Tamhas is fantastic to work with, very responsive and worked quickly to deliver web assets to tight deadlines. Would highly recommend.

Lucinda McEwan Avatar
Lucinda McEwan
Falls Creek Resort Management Board

Tamhas is professional, extremely quick and generous with his time in explaining what he's done. He goes above and beyond with explainer videos to educate us and enable us to... read more

Jemma Douglas Avatar
Jemma Douglas
Indigo Shire Council

Winning Beechworth Web Design Projects Do This:

Help People, Build Trust, and Get More leads & Sales Online

Whether products, services, companies or  sole traders … all buyers are looking for someone who knows their stuff. And all sellers want to say “that’s me”. But how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you get found, grab attention, and get recognised? Not by saying you’re great, but by showing them what you know, and how you’ll help them.

Get Found. Get Connected.

Our Beechworth website design services help you appear on Google Page #1 in organic results, Maps, and Ads. Get found, and connect with leads via email/SMS.

Tell Your Story. Help and Teach.

Now start helping them with an automated sequence of emails and/or SMS that helps them consider the products and services in your market.

Build trust.

Get them asking questions. Then give them the answers. Don’t tell them you know your stuff – show them! And they’ll turn to you when they need help.

The Beechworth Web Design Help You Need

Get A Website That Works for Your Business

We build our Beechworth Web Design customers fast, beautiful, mobile-friendly, easy to use websites to the latest standards. From startup to custom designed corporate sites, every site we build comes with these Standard Features:

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Beechworth Google Page #1 Businesses Do Things Different

Have you noticed what the Google Page #1 businesses in Beechworth are doing differently? You guessed it! They have more online reviews. This helps them rank higher, get more leads, and convert new leads into customers.

As your number of good reviews grows, your online visibility improves. Good reviews help you rank higher in Google. New customers to get in touch. Getting reviews used to be hard. We now make it easy for our Beechworth Web Design Customers.



Beechworth Website Design Development FAQ

Some Problems We Can Help You Figure Out

We already have a website. But nobody seems to be finding it.

Having a website is a good start. But how many leads is it getting you? Lots? A few? None? Try Googling yourself. Not your business name, but your niche + location, e.g. “plumber Beechworth”. Did you find yourself? That’s your starting point. The very first thing a website needs to go is get found. If it’s not doing that, we can help you fix it.

Our Website is Ranked Well on Google, But I still Get Few or No Leads.
One of the most common problems with websites is lack of information, lack of “call-to-actions”, and lack of testimonials or social proof. Customers need to be able to see very quickly that you know your stuff, have what they need, and can take care of them. New prospective customers  need to be able to see that you have a track record of producing good results. Your website needs to make it clear at a glance that you are the business that can solve their problems. Want some examples? See THIS VIDEO.
We have a Website But it’s too slow
Slow websites are a common problem. And there are a few usual causes. Slow, cheap hosting. No caching. Data heavy website themes. Big images.  Websites on cheap hosting are often saved a place far, far away. Usually America. Singapore if you’re lucky. Every time someone views a page on your website, it has to load from the server (think PC with no screen). The further it is away, the longer it takes. That’s why we only host Australian sites in Australia. And if most of your customers are somewhere else in the world? We’ll put your site in the data center closest to them. Always. Websites without caching load slow. Why? Every time someone comes to a page on your website, the server has to build up the page from a database. That takes time. Caching saves the built page, ready to go, for the next person. Think waiting for your fries at Macca’s. No caching is when you have to wait for them. Caching is when they’re waiting for you. World of difference, right? Cheap hosting usually has no caching or bad caching. We host your site only on specialist Litespeed servers with purpose-built caching. Data heavy websites load slow too. The more bytes in them, the longer they take to load. Simple stuff. But too many web designers use heavy themes, where each page has to load massive amounts of data. Add on cheap hosting with no caching, and you got a snail of a website. I know I don’t wait around for slow websites to load. Do you? Probably not. That’s why we use the lightest and fastest loading themes and designs possible on every site we build. Big images are another common problem. You take pictures of your products or business goings on. And you upload them to your website. But maybe you don’t resize and compress them first. Because what business owner or worker has time to do that? Or even knows how to? Not a lot. But now we have a problem. Full size images take too long to load. Especially on mobiles. That’s why we add automatic image re-sizing and compression to every site we build.
We can’t Update My Website by Myself

Every Beechworth web design project we build uses WordPress, the World’s most used content management system. You might have used WordPress before. But chances are, nobody has ever showed you how to edit pages and add posts.

Being able to add your own website content whenever you like is crucial. How else are you going to tell your customers what you do, and why you do it

We make sure you can. We show you how to use WordPress to do the things you need to do. Every business does things differently. So we match our training to your situation. But you might not remember everything first go around. That’s why we do a few things to make things easier for you.

We minimise your site control dashboard so you only see the things you need. We add a video instruction manual that shows you everything you need to know. And if you ever can’t quite figure something out, we’ll give you a video showing exactly how it’s done. We save all these in your site Dashboard, so you can check them again whenever you need to.

We want a website, but Don’t Have Any Content For it

This is a common problem, not just for businesses considering Beechworth web design, but for small and medium businesses everywhere. But we can solve it. You could write your content yourself, but you don’t have time. You could pay some marketing types to write it. But then it would be lame, generic, rubbish. Our solution: we sit down with you, or get on a call. We have a casual chat with you about your business. We record it, transcribe it and edit it into great, benefits-focused content for your website, ads, landing pages, or videos. Whatever you need. We’ll get it done for you.

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We make sure your Beechworth Australia web design projects work not just as a standalone, but in conjunction with the internet environment around it, to get you found on Google, nurture and qualify leads, and book more sales appointments.


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