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Why You Need a Content Manager

If you want people to find you online, then you need content for your website that is useful, educational or entertaining to your customers, on topics that they are likely to be searching for. Video is especially good for this as people can get your point quicker, and relate to you easier. LinkedIn is also

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Make Sure Your Website Works – Intro

If you are looking at getting a new website, or upgrading your current one, you are going to be bombarded with features and benefits. It can be hard to process all of these, to know exactly what you are getting. So let’s consider first what is the point of having a business website in the

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How Hosting Location Affects Your Website Speed

Website speed is important. We know that. You gotta be fast, or people will leave your site immediately. Nobody likes slow sites. It’s that simple. But did you know that the geographical location of your website’s hosting is a major factor in determining website speed? Read more, and find out how to test where YOUR

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Speed up Your WordPress Website Easily with Autoptimize

Want to speed up your WordPress website? One of the first things you should try, mainly because it is free, quick, and easy, is to install the Autoptimize plugin. This will allow you to save a significant chunk off your page loading time. According to Autoptimize’ own description[efn_note][/efn_note], their plugin works as follows: Autoptimize makes optimizing

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How Fast Does Your Website Need to Be?

How fast does your website need to be? It’s a very common question. And we’ll get to the answer. But first, let’s look at why your site needs to be fast. It’s all about serving content. If you want to get traffic, leads and sales from the internet, your website has to be full of

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Never Forget Your Video Lines Again

Video is an excellent way to make things more interesting for your customers. It also makes for better SEO, by giving you more chances to be found, since videos appear in both in Google and YouTube results. If your competitors are not generally using video, then using it yourself will make you stand out in

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Make Sure Your Website WORKS! 8 Must-ask questions

Does Your Website Work? The first thing that a business website needs to be able to do is to get leads for your business. that’s what helps you to make money, that’s what keep in business, and that’s why you’re paying somebody to build you a website. Beyond looking clean and smart, it doesn’t matter

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Easier Business Blogging with Voice to Text

Want to blog for your business, but not sure how to get started writing? Not problem! I am not even writing this right now. Not in the old sense, anyway. I am sitting on the couch with the WordPress app running on my iPhone. I am pressing the little microphone icon next to the space bar,

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