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Increase Leads Per Dollar With a Landing Page

Who Uses Landing Pages It is most ideal to be receiving unpaid up traffic sources to your website. Say for example, when people find your site in the Google search results for what they are looking for. Or when your posts are being shared by readers or linked to from other people’s sites. To achieve

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How to Save and Use Your Best Ideas

It can be hard to think of new topics to write about. It is vital, therefore, that when you do get a good idea, you make sure to stash it away for when you are ready … Blog writing is an important method of generating content for your business to help you engage with your

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Save Time with Business Automation

You create value for the customers who use your business by doing the things you are good at, better than others. And they will pay you to do these for them. But they only pay you, of course, once you have added them to your address book, quoted them, mailed the quote, done the service or booked

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Systems Working? Vital Site Checks

No system is perfect. Things can and do go wrong. You can fix breaks and mistakes of course, and everything will be fine again. But to fix problems, you must first know they exist. That’s why it’s important to have checklists in place to make sure everything is working as it should be. Ship’s captains have them. Pilots

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Worker Holding Machine Controller

Who REALLY Controls Your Site?

As a business owner, it’s very important that you make sure your IT infrastructure will keep running, no matter what. Even though in a regular business scenario it’s unlikely that any of your IT guys would behave maliciously, people can fall out of contact when they change career paths, move overseas or anything else. This

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Help Local Customers Find Your Business

When local customers search Google looking for what they need, among the very first results that Google returns are the ones with the little map place markers (A, B, C) next to them. Those results are separate to the main generic search results, and independent of the search results for the Website of any of those

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