How do we help you?

Local SEO First: for quicker results, lower cost

We look at where you're at

Local SEO, done right, gives quick wins. But many internet guys like you to do Google Ads first. So they can get their cut ... month after month.

We devise a way to improve

We can get you on Page #1 quick. You pay us for setup. But after that it's free leads. Yes Google Maps is free. It just takes some effort to get on Page #1.

Very high success rates

Lawyer in Sydney? We can't guarantee Page #1 😭 Sparkie in the Sunshine Coast? Mechanic in Melton? Likely OK👍 Just ask us. We'll check.

Let's make it happen

A plan for Page #1

top view of laptop and paper stickers with business plan on yellow surface
Because every business is different ...

Our services are tailored for you

You only see the Top 3 listings for each keyword on Page #1. The rest you won’t see unless you click the “View All” button down below them. Most customers don’t go past Page #1. So you definitely want to be be in the Top 3 for your area. Here are some examples, links are clickable:

Wangaratta Electrician (Buchan Electrical).
Metal Art Australia (Metalistik)
Web Design Hong Kong (Web Design Hong Kong)

We get them on the maps listing on Google Page#1. We can help put you there too.

Google maps = FREE TRAFFIC. Don’t miss out!

Google gives precedent to listings with the relevant keywords in their Google Maps listing and website. So we make sure all the right things are in all the right places to get you in the Google Maps top three for your industry and location. That gets you on Google Page #1 in the maps box. Can we guarantee Page #1 for everyone? Not quite. In big cities, can be tough. But for most business types in regional areas, we can. Just ask us, we’ll check and let you know.

People finding you is one thing. Clicking through your listing to call or email you is another. But that’s the goal! We can help you write better intros and produce smart, short videos introducing your business to your customers, telling them HOW you can help them and WHY they should choose you. We can also help you design and build an affordable website or landing page if required.

Page #1. Let's get you there ASAP.

Like the sound of it? Want to find out how we can help? Drop us a message, or call us on (03) 9018 7677. We will look at your situation, and tell you how we can help. No obligation. We don’t do the hard sell. But we can only help out one business, in each category, for each location. So call today, to make sure it can be you. We look forward to talking with you!