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First we need to learn about you. Who your customers are. How you help them. And importantly, what your business processes are.

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We evaluate your site, your local search & SEO. How to increase traffic and leads? How to help you help more customers, with less effort?

We devise a custom strategy for you

There are always things to do. But we always suggest first doing the things that are quickest, cheapest and give the best results.

We execute, and measure sucess

We work to achieve goals. To make sure we have reached them, we measure, then we execute our plan, then measure again.

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Google maps = FREE TRAFFIC. Don’t miss out! You only see the Top 3 listings for each keyword on Page #1. And the rest you won’t see unless you click the “View All” button down below them, which is why you definitely want to be be in the Top 3 for your area. Checkout Web Design Hong Kong. We are on the maps listing on Google Page#1. We can help put you there too.

Now the first thing that a business website needs to be able to do is to get leads for your business. That’s what helps you to make money, and that’s what keeps you in business, and that’s why you’re paying somebody to build you a website. Your website must be fast, clean and smart. But the long and short of it is … if its getting you plenty of leads it’s a good website. And if it’s not, then you need to fix it.

To get more business online, you need a fast, easy to use website, filled with content that is useful, educational or entertaining to your customers, on topics that they are likely to be searching for. But where is all that content going to come from? You! You know best how to help your customers. You know what they should pay attention to when considering products in your market. Nobody can tell your story quite like you can. You know your stuff. But you need a process. We can help.

If you want people to find you online, then you need content for your website that is useful, educational or entertaining to your customers, on topics that they are likely to be searching for. Video is especially good for this as people can get your point quicker, and relate to you easier. But making good video content can be daunting. Everyone is going to be watching. Your image is on the line. So you want to do it right. Let us help you get a process in place for fast, easy regular pro-level video production.

To succeed online, it must be easy for you to login to the website to add or edit text, photos, videos, pictures, brochures And more. It is also important that you learn the different user levels. Let juniors or external contributors add content, that your trusted staff editor can check before it goes live. Our thorough training, simplified dashboard, video instructions, will help make your team a publishing success!

Now, your site is set up. It looks great. People are finding you in Google maps. You are getting leads. But of course, you still need more! To get found for more of the keywords customers in your niche are searching for, you need content in your site about that topic. That means blog posts. And before you get started, you need to do some market research if you want to generate leads with your content. Are you looking for a way to increase your leads, without paying for every single one? Talk to us today.

Not every potential customer will contact you right away. But the people who leave your site now may never come back! The solution: make a connection early and build on it. Offer something of value (say an online tool or an eBook). The customer will give you their email so you can send it. You can then follow up with occasional pieces of other helpful, useful information, that build trust, while reminding the customer that you are there when they need you. We help you consider what information to use. And we will build your landing pages, automate your emails. You can then get more leads, sell more products, recover abandoned orders, and win more sales. Talk to us today. Let’s make a plan.

Google People often want to do something easier first. So they use Google Ads. If done right, they can bring quick wins. And that will be very worth your while. But if it’s done wrong, Google Ads can waste your money. So, don’t blindly trust Google to give you good advice. If you follow their automated guide when setting up a new Google Ads campaign, you are off to a bad start! Check out this video, then talk to us if you need advice.

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